HALOGEN-FREE cable trunking

Low Smoke Halogen Free materials.  Meeting DIN5510-2:  preventive fire protection in railway vehicles.

The range of wiring channels in sizes of 25 x 25 mm to 100 x 100 mm enables flexible, fast and easy cabling when structuring control cabinets. A predetermined breaking point at the lateral ridges enables toolless burr-free breaking out.

Another predetermined breaking point in the wiring channel floor makes it easier to realize T and cross connections seamlessly and quickly. Lateral snapping on of the cover ensures easy assembly and removal as well as a secure hold even in horizontal and vertical applications.

The bars are designed such that conductors that are led out laterally can be safely fixed even without covers. The optionally available wire holding bracket can be installed at the desired height and ensures a safe hold of the laid conductors and cables.

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